Book about christian dating

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While acknowledging the pitfalls singles sometimes face, they celebrate the advantages that also come with singleness and validate it as a true gift from God. Sala Contentment in life is more than finding the right person but being the right person. Williams Two young women have combined their life experiences and writing talents to create an invaluable handbook for single women.Joyfully Single helps those who are unmarried to come to grips with life as it is and to find fulfillment "as is" instead of waiting for the right person to come along or to be involved in sexual relationships which leave you frustrated, lonely, and hurting. Melanie Dobson and Tosha Williams examine five areas of life: dating, wellness, relationships, pursuits and finances.

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Your season of singleness can be one of great richness, focus, and fulfillment in God. This book's format is good for both small group use and personal devotions. adult population is single, most books written for singles focus on how to find a mate.

Whether dealing with such topics as eating habits, money decisions, or loneliness, Single and Content's candor will help you to appreciate and enjoy the life with which you've been blessed.

See the book's official site at Single and Content.

It is written with much humour, but covers some very real issues for singles.

This is done with a great deal of common sense and includes issues for those of us living in the real world.

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