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Of course, sometimes riddling out what your crush writes means keeping pace with the ever-changing internet and texting slang. Erin Jansen founded Net Lingo in 1995 because she saw the internet changing how people communicated and wanted to create a database to reflect new slang, acronyms, and other jargon.

Net Lingo now boasts the largest list of texting acronyms and sees over 3 million pageviews a year.

“We obviously can’t type as fast as we talk, so that’s how this abbreviated language evolved,” Erin explained.

“Plus, people have an easier time being sexy by text — it’s a new way of flirting.

If your rolls in the hay have become a bit ho-hum, or if you just want to expand your spicy repertoire, this hot little how-to will having you flexing muscles you never knew you had with sexy positions you’ve always wanted to try like the YMCA, Forbidden Fruit, Pirate’s Bounty, Rodeo, Deep Impact, and much more.

The Scoop: If your crush texts you slang terms you don’t understand, your romance can quickly become lost in translation.

Is that a signal that she wants to be more than friends?

Each exclamation point and word choice can offer a clue into that person’s mindset, so it all goes under the microscope as someone tries to figure out if that person is interested in a relationship — or if it’s time to get someone else’s digits.

The positions offered here are the next best thing to having an experienced partner right by your side .

This moderation process has allowed her to keep pace with netspeak, 1337 speak, and online jargon. “Texting Terms” is a nice list of every acronym and abbreviation posted on Net Lingo.

“NSFW” is a naughty list of all the sexy terms she’s collected in the last 20 years.

When I tested that idea, people loved it.” Now Net Lingo users can choose to get a naughty or nice list of online slang.

If you’re looking for an adults-only guidebook on sexy slang, you can pick up “NSFW” and learn all the sexty messages and brash acronyms you’ll ever need to know.

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