Bisexuals in brooklyn dating

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Doesn’t good old fashioned pickiness come into play?

“For straight folks—me for example,” my friend said, “it’s just so much easier: I know I like vanilla and can appreciate that folks like chocolate, but I simply don’t, so I don’t miss not having it.”“Now I want ice cream,” I told him. Which is maybe sort of like being monogamous in that I have restrictions that stop me from sticking my head under a soft serve dispenser, even if I’m tempted.”Discussing bisexuality with gays and straights, men and women, one gets the uncomfortable feeling that here finally is a topic on which they can precisely agree: Bisexuality is icky.

Each woman I interviewed mentioned unfavorable lesbian reactions on the subject of bisexuality.

Those U-Hauls are meant to carry sex toys and memorabilia, not bitterness, girls.

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It’d be like never eating chocolate again, just to concentrate on vanilla.

It’s ironic that a sexual identity which embraces attraction to both genders seems at times equally derided by those genders.

Of course some view bisexuals as sexually liberated, open-minded, free-spirited, all relatively positive characteristics. As if sex with both men and women were a cleverly chosen vacation destination as opposed to an instinctive response to lust or love.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty jarring (socially) when folks go from hanging primarily in (for example) a lesbian community to one that’s not primarily lesbian.

Or on the flip side, there is difficulty fully integrating their straight partner into their queer world.

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