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And while some would pin this on black women being more likely to work in fields with lower pay, that fails to acknowledge the reality of name-based hiring discrimination.

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Financial strain seems ubiquitous and unavoidable for most black families. While I would love to say “I do” to the man I love, I don’t want our relationship to end up in ruins because of money issues.The new Pay As You Earn plan (revised in 2015), which determines student loan payment caps, helps single earners, but can drastically increase monthly payments for married couples.As a single, lower-income mother, I qualify for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, which also covers my baby.Say I continue to be under-employed, my investment in my education proving a waste, I could, if we were married, harm my partner’s credit, currently our only life line.It's not just that getting hitched could potentially harm our finances—there are actual, tangible costs.

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