Battlefield 2 global score not updating

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Dice City Eve of Destruction and of course the Gravity Mod is the greatest minimod. You will create an account on the website and with that same account you will go and log into the game after you have installed it. enjoy you need to buy a new version of the game because ur CD key got banned by punkbuster for cheating/hacking.No, you can't burn a CD without a CD recorder(CD writer), unless you mean "burn" literally. this is a permanent thing so the only way for you to be able to play is to buy a new copy of the game and register a new account you can do one of two things: 1.We're constantly working on more events, and a lot to come. Battlefield is a series of first person shooter video games. i bought it at best buy for .99 with 4 other games too. If you really have no idea, contact Ea on its website. Soon you will have access to all online features for battlefield 2142 On every single map they will be a little room which has a signal on top. On wake island it is also on the airfield and on gudacanal its on the out post.The one exception was the US Navy's Brown Water Navy "Riverine Forces" in South Vietnam; which operated the all aluminum 50 foot long SWIFT BOATS.Those boats, officially designated PCF-Patrol Craft Fast, were armed with a twin fifty topside above the cabin & one "over and under combination weapon", a fifty atop an 81mm mortar which was LANYARD…

From the Civil War to Vietnam War; with one exception, all mortars are the same...muzzle loaders/gravity fed.

Getting viruses by playing Battlefield 2142 the official way would not be possible, as the data transmission between your computer and the game server is heavily transcripted and practically unable to intercept.

If by this you mean the security code, it will have been different for every single copy of the game produced, and only the one in YOUR case will work with your disc.

Asking for someone else's code won't give you any results.

In order to install the game, you'll have to find another copy with its own case code still intact, or you'll have to resort to certain underhanded means, which are, of course…

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