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On the other hand, if your existing driver was the Windows-provided driver from an earlier build, then the third-level selection rule will choose the one with the higher version number, which is the one from the more recent build.It all works out in the end, but it does look a bit funny.Time is synchronized in an Active Directory forest in a top-down hierarchical manner, starting with the domain controller that holds the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) role in the forest root domain.This domain controller is often set to synchronize with an external Internet-based time server.There's no way to truly send a message from a past date.Email systems are designed to have these timestamps so messages cannot be generated with a custom date and time as the sender sees fit.If there is still a tie, then the one with the highest file version number is chosen.

On a standalone server you might need to set the date and time manually.

For specific pricing, contact your Microsoft reseller.

Maintaining the correct time and date on a server can be critical for certain operations such as Kerberos authentication in Active Directory (AD) domains.

Result: When you install a new build, all your manufacturer-provided drivers get replaced by the Windows drivers. Intentionally backdating the drivers avoids this problem.

It means that if you have a custom manufacturer-provided driver, it will retain priority over the Windows-provided driver.

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