Avast 6 is not updating

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For the past 8 months, I've been happily using Avast 7.0.1474 on all my computers.It was recommended (in this thread, click here) I downgrade to v7 because of performance issue I was having with the current version.What I SHOULD have done is just ignored it and waited for it to resolve on its own.In fact I think I'll do just that if the updates should stall again. Avast version 7 and 8 are still supported and being updated.It would appear there was an issue on Avast's server end.I first encountered a problem on February 13th, Avast was popped up with an alert, on two machines, saying my database was out of date.

It is a good habit to keep all your pieces of software up to date so that they can perform well and you can take the full advantages. If you are still facing problem then better to define your issue in communities like our comments section, online forum, social media.

Avast is still running, but its virus definitions are stuck at '170216-0' (Feb. If I try selecting a manual update, it reports "Already up to date (current version 170216-0)".

I next tried downloading the Avast VPS exe from the official site, and get the same type of message.

Avast is antivirus software, responsible for the security of your devices and data. If this method is not working for you then scroll down the read the next one. Further, in the Apps section locate Avast software. If there is no repair button then must be an uninstall button. A box will appear and ask either to uninstall this program or repair it. If you do not have internet connection or unable to update software then Avast allows downloading updates.

For proper working, it is your responsibility to update it as the new version released. This is the method by which you can repair Avast software. Benefits of downloading these updates: These updates can be downloaded from Avast official site.

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