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If you misheard something that isn't super necessary (i.e she's talking about something kinda irrelevant like a tv show or school or something) then just 'agree' or make out that you 'understood' and keep going as the smooth communication (or appearance there of) is much more important than actually understanding every little thing she said.

By far the easiest/best is 'directions' because if you're a foreigner most girls are going to be willing to help you out and will hook relatively easily.

This is why I had success in clubs, because you could escalate more easily just by pulling her to the dancefloor and making out with her.

Also, the whole rumour about it being "extremely easy to get women in China as a foreigner" seems to be more true in smaller, second tier cities.

The main issues for Foreigners/Westerners in China is that they expect girls to have some sort of real input into the interaction, they are aloof, they are making the girl lose face by making her feel bad about her English.

I'd suggest switching the source and target language, assuming you speak some (in this case) Chinese.

Hey guys, If anyone has any questions about Game in China, the best places to pick up girls in China or anything China related then hit me up.

(I'm mainly based in Shanghai) I have massive amounts of experience in dealing with Game for Foreigners picking up Chinese girls and Chinese guys picking up Chinese girls so i can offer many unique insights that most people wouldn't be able too.

Which means that if you tell them to do something, they are quite likely to listen, all you need to do is assert a decently strong frame/presence.

Numbers in China mean less than nothing, Chinese people will rarely refuse you simply because it would make them lose face by refusing your request or could make you/them look bad in front of other people because they refused your request.

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