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There is a per visit fee to access the site and charges for duplicating materials apply (the older the material, the more it costs to copy).The site does not specifically say industry business only, but the cost of duplication may deter general negatives or master positives have been made), and it is up to the customer placing the order to cover the full cost of generating these preservation elements for the Library.If you are unable to obtain a copy directly from the advertiser or agency, below are some possible alternatives: ADLAND.See FAQ's for information on reuse and software requirements.

More precisely, you would need to identify the rights holder(s), both in terms of copyright and brand/trademark, and obtain the owner's written permission before we could proceed with making a copy.Even if permission is obtained, the duplication costs are often prohibitive.Our holdings of TV commercials primarily consist of unique copies that have not been preserved (i.e.There is a fee to access the full moving image database and the site does not sell, buy, or trade commercials. NET/ AMERICA TV AD HISTORY & SHOWCASE access to a large library of television commercials.Links are provided to the Columbia House web site for the purchase of television shows. This company has been collecting commercials since 1975.

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