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Because it is an administrative record of permanent residency, the does not identify the individuals who have left the country.

Immigrants who landed in Canada may have left Canada since landing.

This is to ensure that proper confidentiality measures are taken to protect privacy and ensure confidentiality.

Information from the is available to the public through annual aggregated summary tables produced by Statistics Canada and published on its website.

Moreover, annual information on place of residence allows for the investigation of secondary migration (immigrants' subsequent relocation in Canada).

As created, the is updated annually via record linkage techniques described in this report.

Tax records for 1982 and subsequent years are available for immigrant taxfilers.

It is the only annual Canadian dataset that allows users to study the characteristics of immigrants to Canada at the time of admission and their economic outcomes and regional (inter-provincial) mobility over a time span of more than 30 years.

Second, the death of immigrants who landed in 1980 and thereafter is only partially reported.

Further information on mortality data can be found in Section 7.2.

It is to be noted that records of non-permanent residents who have not become permanent residents are not included in this file.

This file contains the number of permits for each non-permanent resident who became a permanent resident, and includes landing dates.

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