Alexander skarsgard is dating roda monroe

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The film tells the story of precocious 15-year old artist Minnie (newcomer Bel Powley), who lives with her very permissive single mother (Kristen Wiig) in 1976 San Francisco, and is in the midst of experiencing a sexual awakening in the very capable and surprisingly not lecherous hands of her mother’s boyfriend, twenty years her senior (Skarsgård, 38). Sony Pictures Classics picked up the distribution rights and Powley, who’s 22 and pulls off an American accent so seamlessly you’d never suspect she’s British, is enjoying the well-deserved heaps of praise and “It Girl” status Cary Mulligan enjoyed back in 2009 for the similar (but more creepy and less naked) An Education.

Jada Yuan caught up with the pair as they scarfed down hamburgers to talk unorthodox auditions, on-screen chemistry, and why the ‘70s were the golden age of mustaches.

From up here, the 6ft 4in, 39-year-old Swede can just about see where he lives in Manhattan.

After today’s shoot, he is due to accompany his girlfriend Ms Alexa Chung, the British model and It girl, to the CFDA Awards, a gala night on New York’s fashion calendar.

"I was really intrigued by the character and how complex he was," he says.

"It wasn't like I can switch off my brain for eight months and just do CGI work, you know?

Alexander Skarsgård Found Those Naked Big Little Lies Scenes To Be “Quite Liberating” If you’ve watched HBO anytime in the last decade, you’ve invariably been charmed or terrified by Alexander Skarsgård.

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That said, he's happy to tell you what it felt like to get glammed up in drag for the film's San Francisco premiere: "I was in so much physical pain that I was having a hard time," he says, his cornflower blue eyes opened wide in earnest disbelief.In the morning, he’s off to Tokyo for a , Mr Skarsgård heads up an all-star cast, with Ms Margot Robbie as an anything-but-plain Jane, Mr Samuel L Jackson as Tarzan’s unlikely sidekick and Mr Christoph Waltz doing a wonderful turn as the villain of the piece.The story begins with Mr Skarsgård playing John Clayton, Third Viscount Greystoke, living a humdrum aristocratic life in England with his wife Jane.In between, the Stockholm native has starred in a critically acclaimed indie film (2015’s .It’s all certainly a far cry from someone who didn’t want to be in Hollywood in the first place, following a brief, uncomfortable stint as a child actor.

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