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We couldn’t be happier with the results of our site. Found out they were in Russia and it just didn’t make sense for me to deal with them since they didn’t answer their phone or understand what I was saying. 🙂 When looking for a dating package we needed one that allowed us to put ads. The registration slider is awesome and we didn’t need to spend a fortune doing custom job since the software had what we wanted. Thank you for installing the site for me and for being there for me. Quick responses and attention to detail is what drives a great company.What we like best about Advandate is the availability of the staff. Advan Date is here in the states and Rick knows how to treat customers. I know you have a lot of customers and taking time out of your busy day to walk through this on the phone was just amazing. Thank you Darren and Rick for taking the time to help me get through this whole process.Darren and John were always available and completely professional. If you’re curious about Advan Date, simply call them and ask them about the dating industry. Advan Date offers one of the most unique dating software applications on the Internet.The Advan Date Professional Dating Software version 13 is full of the features that professional dating sites have plus it's Fully Responsive (Mobile Friendly) and has 10 times more features than any other dating application!Darren, Rick and John know exactly what their talking about.

From the beginning to the end, they took complete care of us and our needs. Thanks to Darren for helping us during the migration.Advan Date has the most advanced dating software application on the market.Now Fully Responsive and 10 times more features than any other dating software application and includes Free Support and Free Upgrades.Unknown to many, personal information is stored in various locations on your computer. are full of sensitive personal information that can easily be misused to make fraudulent transactions.Unfortunately, it is quite easy for hackers to access and misuse these details and create numerous frauds.

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