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Elspeth states that she will choose one man, Finn or Nicol, (Nicol, who was her man before Finn Learson came ashore) to marry her on the celebration night of Up Helly Aa.

Robbie goes to the schoolmaster, Yarl Corbie, for help. Yarl reveals that Finn is indeed the Great Selkie, that he knew all along, and that Finn will try to tempt Elspeth to join him under the sea, as he did with Yarl's fiancee many years before.

On Up Helly Aa, Robbie plans with Nicol (who will do anything to save Elspeth even though he doesn't really believe Robbie) to trap Finn and fight him.

Robbie begins to fear for his elder sister, Elspeth, who is golden-haired, very beautiful and entranced by Finn Learson.

Robbie becomes convinced that Finn is the Great Selkie, but his family does not believe him.

One night on the island of Black Ness, the Hendersons are sitting at home in their but-and-benhouse. Then a figure bursts through the door, soaking wet.

He is tall, lean and handsome, and calls himself Finn Learson, and he claims to be the only survivor of a shipwreck.

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