Accomodating people with hidden disabilities

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Document the conversations you have and how you met the request for reasonable accommodation.Reasonable accommodations may include things like worksite accessibility, modifying someone’s work schedule, providing leave, restructuring a job or providing special equipment.You can also call their experts to discuss your specific situation.If you end up with a challenging request where an employee is being uncooperative or making unreasonable demands, it is a good idea to contact a labor attorney before denying a request or taking adverse action.The large majority of individuals considered intellectually disabled are in the mild range with an IQ of 50 to 70.For many of these individuals, there is no specific known cause of their developmental delays.

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Their goal is help disabled workers find employment, and many are happy to schedule time to talk to managers at your business about disabilities in the workplace.

Although the EEOC prohibits discrimination based on disability, some employers are still hesitant to hire disabled employees because of concerns about accommodating them in the workplace.

In reality, the reasonable accommodation process is generally not difficult.

It is a great opportunity for your managers to ask all their questions, so they become comfortable with the process.

As an added bonus, I have also received some really good job seeker referrals from agencies that help disabled workers find jobs.

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