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Under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, all students are entitled to the special services and accommodations necessary to enable them to learn.

But to qualify for those services under the law, a student’s disability must “adversely affect educational performance.” Schools and courts are left to determine what that means.

In other cases, they’re placed in special education classes tailored to their disability but grade levels behind the school work they’re capable of.She was sure that with his teachers present to testify to the constant oversight he needed to stay on task, he would either be placed in a mainstream class with a special education co-teacher or in a self-contained classroom for students with greater disabilities.She was shocked, she said, when the disabilities evaluator at her son’s public elementary school noted that he was performing at grade level and determined that he didn’t qualify for any special education accommodations or services.Colorado trains teachers across the state in twice exceptionality, for example, while Montgomery County, Maryland, is perhaps the only school district to offer self-contained classes for students in elementary school who need both an accelerated curriculum and more support than they would receive in a mainstream classroom.Now parent activists in New York City are fighting to get the country’s largest school system to be more responsive to 2e students.

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