Aaa liquidating auction service

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The services of SICA are centered on our clients and aim for exceeding their expectations.We implement rigorously the Auction Law of China and other related regulations while expanding the business. The historic building of 3,000 square meters can hold up to 400 people for an auction.

So at this time I would like to share with you some 10-year observations about the auction business as well as some advice to our seniors.I've had other people call the police to my auction who have arrived and broken up a fight between two of my client's adult daughters-in law, but not before one of them suffered some broken bones.I've had to have my own client removed from the auction due to his intoxication and disruptive behavior.Many auctions also include firearms and accessories, including modern and collectible guns as well as ammunition.We often see auctions that include collectible names such as Winchester, Remington, Glock, and many other firearms manufactures.

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