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A study from the Harp Family Institute (HFI), a research outfit studying the effects of entrepreneurship on relationships, found that 80 percent of entrepreneurs surveyed had experienced cash- flow problems in their new ventures. I’ve changed the names of the principals to protect their privacy, but the story itself is told here exactly the way it happened."Sherry" and "Brad" initially started dating when Sherry’s business was just six months old and Brad was still working full-time for a company, diligently planning his escape into the entrepreneurial realm.More important, a direct correlation was found between increases in financial problems and a decrease of physical romance in their relationships. As a relationship coach who specializes in entrpreneur couples specifically, and as a business owner myself for the past two decades, let me ease your worry by sharing ... Since their relationship at the time was new, there was a lot of chemistry to mitigate the typical challenges these two encountered.It isn’t always due to pressing matters that need to be addressed right then and there -- I simply get addicted to my work and feel strange if I’m not consumed by it.This is something that I have personally made an effort to change, and I’m slowly finding a healthier work-life and personal-life balance.

You need to find a happy medium.“Some entrepreneurs aren’t good at expressing their emotions to the one they love.

They often will not realize what they have until they’ve lost that special someone," Stanger says.

"This is because business can be cold and showing emotion is to show a sign of weakness.

I always want to be a better entrepreneur and build a better business.

That has definitely spilled over into my dating life.

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