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You’ll pretend not to notice when they treat your relationship like a phase You’ll pretend not to hear when they make excuses for you crossing the color line“Well, she went to Hawkins” or “You know her brother even married one”As if jungle fever Were an actual fever, As if it were a disease for one to have a genetic predisposition to.Posts with UNNECESSARY ALL CAPS or clickbait titles will also be removed. This includes the following: Moderator discretion may be used regarding the removal of low-quality posts. Alternatively, if the video isn’t posted yet, post the video and then post the gifs in the comments. The girls have also debuted and promoted as 3 separate subunits, and debuted as 12 in August 2018 with their mini album ' '.After submitting, assign the appropriate flair to your post. was always your answer It doesn’t matter what Angela taught you(and why do you think she looks that way?)Or that you would rather spend two hours Friday night detangling Than smear creamy poison on your scalp.

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