100 dating sober

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To date, I write multiple times in my gratitude journal and it only serves to enhance the overwhelmingly positive thoughts and feelings I have.

Even on bad days, there’s really so much to be grateful for if you train yourself to find it.

Simone Biles herself couldn’t compete with the mental gymnastics going on in that brain of mine. So many drinking holidays and events — like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and a 10-day vacation — were right around the corner. While it hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine, I never caved.

That single glass of wine, the physical weirdness that ensued and all the mental chatter that followed led me to one simple solution. If after that 100 days I wanted to go back to drinking? It was difficult to imagine celebrating or enjoying myself without alcohol. Having “quit” several times before only to was one I knew far too well. And that brings me to today where I’m super excited to share with you 19 things that you might expect when taking an extended break from alcohol!

It’s available on Amazon Prime so you can even receive it the next day in some cases, which is pretty cool, right?!

Having no hangovers and more energy to just things, meant paying more attention to detail.In fact, it was one 5-ounce serving of wine that pushed me over the edge. My head began to hurt and I grew fatigued for no reason.I looked at the bottle, then at my glass, then at the bottle again.I won’t say that I walk around like a fashion model or anything, but I know I put more effort into my appearance since 100 days alcohol-free. One of the best 100 days sober benefits is the money you can save!For me, I can estimate at least 0/month between bottles purchased multiple times weekly, overpriced restaurant beverages, and occasional trips to the local bar.

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